We are presently engaging a Relationshp Manager, for each 250-household community, who will be responsible for all Free Immediate Delivery Deals ("FIDDs"), Accordingly, our Relationshp Managers will soon be able to make their participating households aware of your Product & Service Special Offers, and then provide those interested with immediate fulfillment, usually within minutes!

Our staff subtly take a picture of the flyers, just as they are about to deliver them. We then upload the images to the web; and give you the links to view them. Since each photo is date & time stamped, and also geo-tagged, you can see the precise location that each delivery photo was taken! So, you can be certain that your items are correctly delivered to the right homes, at the right times.

We can optionally Print your material to save you even more money (and time)!

We print and deliver a Community Special Offers Catalog, in each of the 5,000-Household Neighborhoods we serve, every 4 weeks. So, each household receives a total of 13 editions of the Catalog, per year.

Full color half Page Ads are just $179. Full Page color Ads are only $279.

As with all our door-to-door deliveries, delivery of the Catalog to each home is Photo-Verified.

Photo-Verified Door-to-Door

Targeted High-Frequency

Free Immediate Delivery Deals

Flyer, Hanger & Sample Delivery

Community Catalog Advertising

Relationship Manager

Visit The Greater Toronto Area's "Flyer Delivery Store"

We are now in the process of mapping most of the urban areas throughout the United States and the rest of Canada, so that we can begin offering our services in each of 255 geographically defined Districts. Each District will have its own Flyer Delivery Store, featuring each of the District's Delivery Route Maps (for door-to-door Flyer, Sample & Hanger delivery; as well as for RM FIDDs) and the District's 5K Area Maps (for Catalog delivery).

We will be engaging 20 Relationship Managers ("RMs") in each 5KN. Each of these RMs will serve 15 to 20 businesses and will be responsible for ensuring that all door-to-door deliveries are completed properly, each week, in their particular 250-household Micro-Market.

Most importantly, each RM will have a strong additional incentive to ensure that each delivery is completed properly; because, at the same time as they will be delivering client materials, RMs will also be delivering their own advertising post cards each week, promoting their own Micro-Market Relationship Retail services!